Life coaching & NLP Practioners

About Us

Hi, we're Jamie and Sarah. We're accredited life coaches and NLP practioners with a combined experience of 20 plus years. Based on the Wirral, we cover all areas of Merseyside, Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and beyond.

We offer an unique approach to life coaching which involves the use of methods such as NLP, hypnotism and therapy and, most importantly, we listen to you and what you're comfortable with. All programmes are created specifically for you, and you can rest assured that our tailored approach is as unique as you are.

We can help you with everything from confidence and character issues to reaching your goals, whatever they may be. We believe in a softer approach to life coaching, and if you fall down, we'll be sure to pick you back up again.


How we can help

Giving you freedom from what's holding you back

We can help you overcome the restrictions in your life. These can transpire as low self esteem, confidence problems, depression, anxiety or phobias - whatever the form, we can help you break free.

Contentment, fulfilment, happiness, success - simply making the most of life.
We can be your guidance to acheive this, changing your perspective along the journey.

If you are looking for growth for yourself, your employees or your team, we can help. We meet face to face, as it's supposed to be, whenever suits you.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, as is putting you at ease. We have a choice between male and female practioners to suit your needs.



"Meeting Sarah and Jamie has been a life changing experience for the better. For the first time, with their guidance and mentoring, I feel I am closer to understanding myself and my purpose in life." - Sophia

"Sarah's techniques were non invasive, calming and thought provoking, she helped me to find my own new direction and for that I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend the services of Sarah and Jamie. They are down to earth, very personable and all round kind people." - Andy

"As life coaches, they have helped me with eradicating anxieties and letting go of past traumatic experiences, as well as overcoming self doubt. They have helped me to empower myself, learn to love myself and also understand the behaviours of others, especially those who have had a negative effect on my life. I honestly cannot thank them enough for their sincerity, understanding and knowledge." - Samantha


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